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The SSDI Insider Secrets® Community focuses on helping our members gain the insight and support to confidently navigate the complex Social Security Disability process. To schedule a free 20 minute call with me to see if my course is a good fit for you and to discuss eligibility, message me through Convene or email me at

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I am Lisa Hiering, the SSDI Insider Secrets® Community Leader
I am a disabled retired Social Security Claims Specialist, Spouse and Mother of Combat Marine Veterans, and I care deeply about our Military, Veterans, and First Responders.
Finding yourself in a place where you need to file for Social Security Disability benefits isn’t easy. I know because I’ve been there. The last thing I wanted to do is file for these benefits. I wanted to work! PNkYuD4o6KlXBwWz44rOBe3u1yEgCsmlfSk74u09.jpeg
Nobody wants to find themselves sitting home with no work income, unable to figure out what to do. Nobody is happy about the possibility of facing a real fight with a big government agency and having no idea where to start. 
 My courses contain step by step instructions on how to file and build a successful SSDI claim. 
I teach you about the mindset you will need to have and give you all the tools you need to make your claim the very best it can be.  Yes, it will take your effort, but you will have access to me on a discussion board where you can ask all your burning questions about this process. My insider knowledge will give you the edge you need and you won't find anyone else who cares about your claim like I do.

If you are looking for real support to get you through this, you have come to the right place!
Contact me to talk about moving forward to get your hard earned benefits: message me through the messaging feature on Convene or email me at
In addition to my courses, check out my blog and other free experiences inside my Community.





I found Lisa's contact info via a Military Veterans Group after having filed a claim for SSDI on my own. Being overwhelmed with the onslaught of what SSA was asking for in forms, appointments, etc, and just not knowing the process--I reached out to Lisa for help. I quickly learned that my application was "poorly" prepared and probably 1/4 complete. She was on point and clear in what I needed to do. I signed up for her the way, anyone thinking about filing a claim---PLEASE, go to her course FIRST! Within 48-72 hours--I was properly armed, and just BARELY had enough time to completely update my claim, respond properly--and NOT be at the mercy of the "establishment" and red tape. Without Lisa and her course and quick response to questions, my claim being approved would not have been possible. I can't say enough about Lisa and the "wealth of knowledge" contained in her course---and her responsiveness. You will have what you need! -Stan




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